what will measure g fund?

Over the past two years, the District has engaged in a comprehensive facilities master planning process to identify high priority school improvement needs on a school by school basis. Since many of our schools were built decades ago, the analyses found that our schools require basic health and safety repairs, as well as specific modernization to provide the quality learning environments our local students need to compete and succeed in tomorrow’s careers in science, engineering, and technology.


Every Brea school will benefit from Measure G.



Outdated classrooms, labs and career technical education facilities need to be modernized to provide a high-quality education. Modern school facilities support the science, technology, engineering and math education students need to be prepared for college and careers.


Think of this as interior remodeling and renovation. The equivalent to replacing an outdated kitchen that has limited storage, inefficient appliances, and a cramped workspace, with a modern kitchen featuring provisions for the latest cooking tools, hookups for modern appliances, and a flexible workspace to accommodate simultaneous but different cooking tasks.


In terms of the modern classroom, this means bringing school facilities up to current instructional standards. For example, ensuring there are enough electrical outlets to support classroom technology, creating storage for students’ computers & other project materials, and providing proper network connectivity to meet the demand of many devices with room to grow, and reconfigurable workspaces that allow teachers to smoothly & quickly switch between reading, computer-based math time, and hands-on project time, or any other activity.


This also means bringing structures and rooms up to current building codes for student safety and accessibility.

  • Classroom Upgrades

  • Multi-Purpose Room Upgrades

  • Food Service Facility Upgrades

  • Seismic Upgrades and Hazardous Material Removal

  • Conversion of old school classrooms for flexible instructional use


New Construction

Nearly all our schools were built decades ago for a much smaller Brea. Now they are bursting at the seams with inefficient portable classrooms, insufficient learning spaces, and overextended common areas. Our amazing teachers and admins can only do so much within these limitations. Our school facilities need to expand with the growing student population so our teachers can remove all limitations to student development and learning.

  • Media Centers

  • Kinder Rooms

  • Lunch Areas

  • Classrooms

  • Multi-purpose Rooms

  • Food Preparation Rooms

  • Related Site Demolition


Community Input

With information gained from online questionnaires, direct conversations with parents & staff at all school sites, and engagement with Brea community leaders, the District has published its Facilities Master Plan, which outlines key priorities. These priorities, combined with professional infrastructure analysis, and construction planning, will provide the framework for projects to be presented to the BOUSD Board of Education for approval. The projects identified as important to participants in the community engagement process include:

  • Pick-Up & Drop-Off Parking Lot Safety Improvements

  • Security Upgrades – Uniquely Designed Per School Site

  • Learning Centers

  • Hardscape and Landscaping to Reduce Upkeep Costs

  • Upgraded Utilities – Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC


The Facilities Master Plan is available for public review by visiting: https://www.bousdplan.org/

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