About Measure G

Vote YES on G for Brea Students!


Measure G protects the high-quality education of the 6,000 students who attend Brea Olinda schools each day and provides safe and modern school campuses, classrooms and labs.  


Brea’s oldest schools are 100 years old! Many of our schools were built decades ago, requiring upgrades to meet modern educational standards and urgent repairs for student safety.


While neighboring communities have upgraded their schools, it’s been two decades since Brea approved an investment in our schools.


Measure G provides modern classrooms, labs and career training facilities to prepare Brea students for tomorrow’s careers in science, engineering and technology.


Brea students deserve the tools to compete and succeed.


Measure G is the result of a thorough assessment of each school to identify the most important upgrades, repairs, and safety concerns. Funds must be spent according to the detailed School Facilities Master Plan, developed based on extensive community input.


Vote YES on G to:

  • Modernize outdated classrooms, labs and career training facilities

  • Improve access to technology and modern educational tools

  • Make critical health, safety, and security upgrades, including improvements to student drop-off and pick-up areas

  • Repair deteriorating roofs, plumbing and sewer systems

  • Replace outdated electrical, heating and ventilation systems


Mandatory Fiscal Accountability

  • An independent citizens’ oversight committee and annual audits are required

  • All funds must be spent to improve Brea schools and cannot be taken by the State

  • No funds can go to administrators’ salaries or benefits


Measure G meets the Orange County Taxpayers Association’s school bond criteria.  


Without Measure G, Brea could miss out on nearly $30 million in state matching funds that would go to other districts. Whether or not you have school-age children, supporting local schools is a wise investment. Measure G protects property values and quality of life for Breans.  


Vote YES on G!

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